Required Attire – General classes:

No unnecessary jewelry, only small earrings are allowed. No gum, water only in class

Ballet- Hair in Bun or if short, pulled back off face, solid leotard , pink or tan tights, boys, form fitting t-shirt and leggings

Jazz/Contemporary/Modern –Hair secured off face, dance attire, prefer leotard and tights, may wear- dance top/leggings, boys form fitting t shirt and shorts

Hip Hop /Tap-Hair secured in bun or ponytail, leggings, dance shorts/dance top ( boys t-shirt and shorts or sweatpants),

Kidsdance-Hair secured in bun or ponytail Leotard and tights , boys- t-shirt/shorts

Acrobatics- Hair Secured in Bun or ponytail, Leotard, dance shorts or leggings, bare feet

General Class Required Dance Shoes

Hip Hop – Balera High Top Sequin Sneaker #WL6034, Color-Gunmetal (Dancewear

Jazz – Balera Slip on Jazz #B80, Color – Caramel

Ballet – Capezio Daisy Leather Ballet Slipper #C205, Color – Pink

Preschool, KD, KD2 & Mini Classes:

Tap – Capezio MaryJane Buckle Strap #3800C, Color – Caramel

Elementary, Intermediate, Preteen & Teen Classes:

Tap – Bloch Tap Flex #S0388L (adult), #S0388G (child) Color – Black

Competition Team Required Attire:

( Hair is always secured in ponytail or bun, small earrings only, no other jewelry)

Ballet-Black leotard and tan or black tights with hair in bun(no bangs), ballet shoes only

Tap/Hip Hop- dance top/leggings or dance shorts, sweatshirt for warm ups only

Jazz/Modern/Contemporary- Leotard and tights or tight leggings or crop top and tight leggings. No dance shorts and bare legs, no t -shirts or sweatpants or sweatshirts after first 5 minutes

Competition Team Shoes:

Modern & Contemp – Bloch Pulse #S0470L Color- Tan

Jazz – Slip on split sole jazz – Black for now may also need Tan later based on costume

Tap – Bloch Tap Flex # S0388L (adult) or S0388G (child) Color- Black

Hip Hop – TBA based on costume – consult teacher

Ballet – Capezio “Juliet” Leather split sole #2027 Color – light pink