Alyson’s School of Dance will be going virtual for our via Zoom April 1st. Please see the Social DisDancing Schedule in our pulldown menu.
We will take on new customers for several classes on our online platform. Please email us more details via contact us.

Email us at or call us at 860 463-7963 for more information.


Dance class is a place to learn, be inspired, sweat, make friends, have fun, create, explore…..


Our mission at ASD is to bring quality dance training to students of all ages and abilities. Classes are taught with discipline and respect by qualified instructors.  We at Alyson’s School of Dance realize that although not every dancer dreams of becoming a professional performer every student deserves to receive qualiy dance training. Cultivating a love for the performing arts in a child will bring many rewards … happiness, self-confidence poise and a sense of accomplishment, not to mention the physical health benefits! Dance is joy, dance is life and it is a gift to be shared from the heart! Join us at ASD where we have a passion for dance and it shows!